BeansList is happy to reveal that there is a brand NEW dating app and website that targets black singles. The site, Smoochr, claims that “there’s nothing ‘black’ about the sites we have now.” Essentially remarking that there are no dating platforms in the market that support Black People.

Like the standard format, you can look at photos and pick your “type”. The added benefit is that Smoochr will allow you to pick your matches based not just by skin colour but also by hair texture and lip size.

“They don’t focus on the black experience in the dating world, so this leads to wasting your time and money, and meeting black singles you really don’t have anything in common with,” Smoochr said on their website.

Their tagline is, “Black dating, Black single, Black love” and they claim to be different than other matchmaking sites because they allow members to connect with black singles with “black belief systems” and “skin tone preference”.

Some of the skin complexion options include: caramel, chocolate and mocha. And users can also go into more detail by selecting various hair options such as: weave, Afro, natural hair and clean cut. For those with an interest in lip size, members can describe their lips as: thin, full, soup coolers, duck lips.

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