Twenty-eight year old Aries describes life as an art. The rapper in his younger years found himself in studios with friends producing music that sounded good to the ear but when listening closely to the words that were being said, he came to realise it was not the sort of thing he’d want to later be remembered for, leading Aries to some musical and self reevaluation.

Growing up with the likes of drug dealers and killers as role models, the 28 year old knows that wasn’t the side of his older peers he looked up to. As a teen despite encountering some near death experiences -including being held at knifepoint- plus his troublesome temperament as a youngster, Aries always kept the same character, never once glorifying any of it upon his younger peers.

Having moved from east London to Essex around 13 years ago, the Christian born psychology graduate no longer classes himself as a Christian as such, now refering to himself as a student of all religions. Now with an up and coming clothing line under his belt, the Nigerian originating rapper proves that a rocky start to life does not diminish ambition



When we’re born, we are truly ourselves. Everything that comes after that is conditional. What you find is that a lot of people follow and take in information. For example, I was born into Christianity and then I had a few near death experiences. I actually grew up street dancing to begin with and was a singer before my voice broke.

I guess that is where your interest in music stems from. Are you focusing on anything at the moment? 

Yeah a set of projects. Officially I don’t know exactly what it’s all going to be called. So Immortal may be one of them but then I’ve also got a high end clothing brand that we are working on as well. I came up with the concept last year, Its called Sileni Borantu which is Japanese for balance. Ive only just got the logo done, well I already did it and then sent it off to a graphic designer to do it digitally. Now we are just working on the prototypes. So really I’m trying to focus on that (the clothing line) and the music too.


Would you say the music and the clothing line are linked? Is there some sort of connection between the two? 

The music, in regards to its substance having some sort of meaning, maybe they have that in common but no they are not going to be directly connected. I’m actually forming a record label at the moment with a friend. Its called LOC- Legacy Over Currency. I have plans to develop artists using my knowledge as an artist myself with my experience and knowledge. All the time ive put into practicing, I can use that to develop their music e.g. pre-write verses so they are ready to go once they hit the studio. With the right guidance, I can make an artists’ life easier. Borantu as a brand, im learning more and more everyday, nothing is set in stone but im looking to come with something a little different which will definitely show in the designs. But still, I want it to stand alone as a brand and not be like: This is Clay Morgan’s (his rap name) clothing line. Don’t want things looking tacky, let the brand do its own thing. I am passionate about saving the planet although, I haven’t gone as far as using fully environmentally friendly materials just yet. Eventually it would be good to combine eco-friendly materials whilst still keeping the high-end feel of the brand.

Oh great. And hows progression so far? 

We have a couple designs already done. They were meant to launch this winter but because I’m so hungry to get it out, it should be good to go by summer. I’ve spoken to some manufacturers in Japan. It’s the main reason I’m not sleeping much at the moment!

Do you have a shop? 

(Laughs) There’s no shop yet! The first thing we are probably going to have is the website but even that hasn’t been done because I haven’t got the prototype back yet. Once I get this logo back from the graphic designer, once the website prototype is made we will make a bulk order and then get the website up and running gradually. We won’t be too ambitious but I will probably push it with the promotion. I don’t have it all figured out yet. Even this article, I feel it’s early days yet.

Whys that?  

It’s funny because I got this mindset that when I’m gone from this life, when my mission is done THEN talk about your journey. But I agree my story now in itself already means something, myself being an upcomer, my story is still important.

What’s it like in Essex ?

The area is only just starting to develop. It’s getting busier now but when I first came, it was bad. No opportunity not much was going on and I found myself going back to London a lot.  I did used to fight a lot when I was that age but that was like most youths to be honest. Racism was more in your face than it is now. When I came here there was a lot of madness going on, not as much now.

Is there enough access to opportunities for your music and clothing line? 

I’d say yes but at the same time London is still the place to be. I spend a lot of time in Knightsbridge with my friend Sydney Artisan. He’s a designer, he makes ties and blazers and sells them for quite a lot. I like the change of scenery. People there spend five bags on a tracksuit, it’s a different world. However at the same time with the fashion label, I’m looking to go global with it. I know that Japan are great at supporting certain things, my label has a Japanese name- Its got meaning. They are current and aware of the hip hop culture and are high up in the fashion scene.

Do you live with parents? 

I left home a long time ago but I did come back at one point and actually bought our East London house. I didn’t want to do it, was mums decision. As a young man in my early twenties at the time it wasn’t something I wanted to spend my money on, but I’m so thankful to her for it now. I’ve learnt a lot through life. When you understand yourself, you understand the obstacles around you. For example, I didn’t think not having a dad really mattered but now with younger siblings, I see that it does. I’ve played quite a father figure

And how now do you think not having a dad affected you? 

In many ways. My sister sent me a message on my birthday saying “you’re the pops we never had”. I’ve grown to realise that a father is actually the backbone of the household. Being the dad at 28 is rewarding but a lot of pressure. You might the cleaner one minute, then the husband, then the wife then remembering you’re still only mums son. It’s a blessing but on the flip side, you don’t really get to rest. On top of that there is life. The pressure of it all can be quite damaging because to be honest, I shouldn’t really be here.

What do you mean? 

When I look at the amount of situations I’ve ran into in the past, because of my home pressures. I’ve seen people die, I’ve lost a lot of friends during this short journey.

Would you say you’ve created your own destiny? 

Yeah. God will only give you what you can handle.  I think we all tend to look outward when we seek the truth. If we look inward, it is actually there you find the answers. Search within but still look after what’s around us. But I am just a tool. I believe I’m here to spark thought. Every generation has certain people that come and leave a message. We have people in existence like that now but because of the time we are born in, we don’t see these people in that way. I’m sure in years to come the later generations will. I’m here to spark thought and help bring that balance into the equation because we do need balance in every aspect of life.

Musicwise, are there any future goals or anything in the pipeline? 

Yes. I think we are going to drop a little ep and a some singles in time for summer. Maybe a video as well.

You mentioned eventually using eco-friendly materials for your clothing line, when do you think you’ll start doing that? 

To be honest as the team builds, I will have a greater idea of that. I want very ambitious people on board who can see the vision from now while it’s still small and developing. I don’t want those ones who come jumping onboard once they’ve seen a bit of success. When we’ve okayed the prototypes, when we’ve got more investors and they are dedicated long term, we can branch out and we will have a better idea of things.

How many on your team at the moment 

A handful. One investor and a couple guys in the background helping me out.

What’s your plans for the rest of the day? 

Crack on with Logik on the computer.