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About DreamSmart Tutors

Founded by Dr. Baptiste, DreamSmart Tutors is an organization formed to help students from all cultural and social backgrounds in their application into Medical School.

DreamSmart Tutors is consists of five medical students (all UCL Alumni) all working together to deliver private tutoring sessions and courses.


How did DreamSmart Tutors Begin?

Some of the core issues and considerations identified, which formed the establishment of Dreamsmart Tutors are;

– Students having a lack of understanding about what doctors do on a daily basis and the career paths of doctors.

– A challenging application process for students who want to apply to medical

– A lack of sufficient guidance and support for disadvantaged  students who want to study medicine.

– Challenges around securing work experience within a medical setting.

– A lack of students from disadvantaged as well as Black Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds applying to and more importantly being accepted to medical school.


Ultimately Dr. Baptiste believes that students should be encouraged to both  “Dream Big” and “Think Smart” both in the medical field and all aspects of life.

By using our services:

Students will have the chance to meet doctors at all levels plus medical students which will enable students to have a better understanding of the different types of doctors and  specialties that exist within Medicine.

They will also learn what they have to do to succeed when applying  to and studying at medical school.



Prices will be tailored to each individual school based on their needs. Please note that

the prices on the website are for independent bookings only; they do not apply to the

work we do with schools.


We are currently looking to partner with similar organisations and charities

Products & Services

  • One hour sessions training sessions
  • 1 day training courses

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